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"She can come to mine for dinner anytime"
If there's a reason to keep on coming back to umd then. I'm in WAM heaven and those boobs, I'm hypnotised by her clevage. What was I watching again...

DirtyWamMan-98 4/4/24
"Sweet and Slimy!"
Once again, I am compelled to buy another video featuring Aston. This time she is wearing a Latex dress and boots, but more importantly the gunge is a vivid blue and reasonably thick. There's no dawdling, within a few seconds we are already into the gungings which are short, but frequent. I am always impressed by how much gunge that tank seems to hold, the magic of video perhaps, but it appears to be an endless amount of blue goo. As usual, Aston finishes the video by getting completely nude and rubbing herself to a messy climax for us. I would have loved some other colours beside blue--maybe some yellow? But its another stunning scene with oh so sweet Aston.

overallsfann 1/14/24
"Insanely good"
Thoroughly enjoyable scene with Aston, who is incredible. The gunge is vivid and thick. Aston loves every second. You can't take your eyes off her.

overallsfann 12/15/23
"Loved it!"
Such an amazing video. Aston is cute as ever in a wonderful outfit with a bonus bit of tight filling which is always fantastic to see. Aston looks as though she enjoys every minute of her gunging with a little flash of excitement crossing her face every time the gunge is about to flow.

AprilFool91 12/10/23
"New favourite model"
This video begins with a silly aside in which Aston fishes around in a bucket of blue gunge, looking for a novelty gift. When she gets inside the tank, the gunge is green--and a thinner consistency than what we usually get from this store--more akin to the consistency of ready made custard.

There are various pourings, and eventually Aston masturbates under a thin torrent of green... She appears to have a lovely orgasm.

overallsfann 11/24/23
"One of their greatest gungings ever!"
This video has gone straight in as one of my favourite gunge videos ever. Aston is an incredibly beautiful fun model who looks incredible under the thick, smooth gunge, which reminded me of the great Noel's House Party gungings I grew up with! After a really great gunging--there is a second helping--and this is topped by Aston undressing and masturbating as the gunge rains over her. This is a video you will watch again and again. I was thrilled by it.

overallsfann 11/24/23
"Fantastic video"
This is one of my favourite ever videos. The three girls that ended up in the slime bath all looked stunning. Girl in sequin top was one of the most stylish people I've ever seen. I wish I was there then I would've gone in the slime bath with them.

MrNobody1986 6/26/23
"Cleo Summers is so hot and Candy Custard is a great producer"
So many things about this are perfect. Cleo Summers is insanely hot, she's fun to watch, and she is Always into it! She loves the gunge! Candy is an outstanding filmographer. Her sets are gorgeous, the lighting is excellent, the edits are all solid, all of these clips are filmed on a great camera, and her presence behind the camera is charming and it adds to the viewing experience. You get SO Much Content for the price with this! Whenever I rewatch it, I personally come back to the clip of Cleo Summers in the latex dress and satin boots falling straight into the slime. Remember, Cleo is also a stunt woman- that's why she has those insanely sexy muscles, and why she knows how to fall safely. Cleo really is something else and Candy did a perfect job capturing her time and time again.

Princess Nicole 6/8/23
"Doesn't get any better than this."
I must say, the moment I read the heading of the video and saw the image of Lottie, I was sold. Going through the pictures and reading the review I was already looking for my wallet to purchase this clip Asap. You will not be disappointed. There is a lot of coverage and the use of the colours of gunge is incredible. I cannot wait to see the next clip of this magnitude.

Jay31 3/3/23
"Awesome catsuit filling"
Awesome, please more catsuit fillings.

Hopefully a couple with a tight latex catsuit.

Or use tubes to fill the catsuit.

Smallass 2/25/23
"Going Loco with the Black Paint"
Candy specializes with providing some cheekiness with the sexiness of Wam. She initially covers herself in foam, only to later become completely unrecognizable cover head to toe in black paint, with only her back left unpainted. I love everything about this, as black paint is easily a top 5 (maybe even top 3) WAM/sploshing substance for me. I love how thick the paint is, and how it coats her completely. Candy ends up masturbating at the end. You can't go wrong with this scene.

WAMOptimist93 1/30/23
"Candy Custard is a WAM Legend"
Here is just one of Candy Custard's many terrific scenes. She covers herself in pies before ultimate covering her face and body in black paint (one of my favorite WAM substances). She pies herself in the face and then masturbates using her dildo. The vibe of the video is sensual and erotic yet humorous all the same. Definitely a scene I enjoy returning to.

WAMOptimist93 1/30/23
"Great muddy Christmas video"
It was good muddy was it trashed and very messy if I did this my parents would be mad so I just got this for fun.

Alternativefashion 12/30/22
"What's not to love?"
I love this model, I love the shiny catsuit and I love the gunge. This is fantastic classic Candygirls gunging. Exactly what you'd expect from the legendary producer.

overallsfann 12/19/22
"Worth it!"
Fantastic clip! Loved how the suit inflated up with the gunge--very hot. More like this in PVC and latex!

WetBootsLover 10/11/22
"Amazing coverage with outstanding black gunge!"
candycustard's scenes are always incredible, but this scene takes it to a whole other level! With the beautiful and lovely Mistress Leena as the model and her amazing reactions, along with some amazing black gunge, this ranks up there with one of the best WAM videos that I have ever seen! If you are a fan of seeing girls get absolutely destroyed with gunge, don't walk but run to buy this scene! You won't be disappointed!

fslong1 9/22/22
"Honour May gets a green/blue gunge treatment."
The first gunge hit in this video is great, after that Honour May does look up, which is a bit of downer for me, but thankfully you can still see her face since it's a translucent gunge. Sometimes a little too raunchy for me, I'm really not big into the whole close ups of body parts, but there are some nice shots of her enjoying herself, which is nice.

GungedHairFan 9/13/22
"Great photo set of Penny Banks covered in gunge."
Another great photo set from Candy. This time Penny, and if you've gotten the video, then you know how hot the scene is. If not, trust me, it's great. The pictures are fantastic, and capture some great moments of Penny absolutely covered in green gunge.

GungedHairFan 9/13/22
"Penny in a gunge tank getting a fabulous gunging."
Penny wears a sexy black PVC suit, and is relentlessly gunged in the gunge tank. Her beautiful hair gets totally covered, and there are so many great shots of her reacting to it and I just love the way her hair looks all soaked in that gunge.

GungedHairFan 9/13/22
"Ivy in a pool with blue and green gunge."
Don't think I could ever get tired of seeing Ivy getting her hair nice and messy. There isn't much else to say, this is another photo set of Ivy by Candy, and she sits in a pool and eventually pours blue and green gunge all over her hair, and as per usual, it's glorious.

GungedHairFan 9/5/22
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