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"Fantastic action"
Wow! What a blockbuster! These two have really fun to mess all the clothes and then to fuck. Great and kinky clip and worth it to watch. 8-) surgif, 24 days ago
"Great scene, great model"
This scene begins with Louise back from a run in her Lycra leggings, top and white trainers. Candy invites her to try out the slime shower for a much needed recovery.

Louise steps into the shower and is covered in purple gunge several times. After a couple of gungings she strips off, showing off her ruined trainers and amazing body. She starts to finger herself and finishes up with another gunging. The scene is then repeated from an overhead camera view.

Louise plays this scene absolutely brilliantly--completely indifferent about being gunged, and staying in character as a spa patron kindly reviewing this new treatment and forming a great double act with Candy, who stays behind the camera. Louise's comic timing is very much like wamprincess, making all the right faces and generally treating WAM in the silly way it should be treated. bluebricks, 6/2/19
"Fantastic scene with a beautiful model"
Danni wears a lovely top, jeans and white shoes, and has her hair in pigtails. She's very entertaining as she makes her way through the quiz, getting questions right and wrong, and her reactions to the gunge are great, with smiles and giggles.

The gunge is a mixture of blue and purple, and Danni makes sure it covers her in the right places at the right time during the scene. She starts to strip just under halfway through the scene and looks gorgeous as the gunge cascades over her tits and drips off them.

The scene ends with Danni masturbating and finishing with a smile, covered in sticky purple gunge.

Good camerawork, sound, lighting and acting throughout the scene but I'd have liked to have seen more closeups of Danni's white shoes getting messy. There's a very brief edit where I guess the gunge got into Danni's eyes but this doesn't have a negative effect on the high quality of the scene. bluebricks, 5/19/19
"Penny is outstanding."
I know Penny loves to get messy, so I bought this looking forward to it. I was not disappointed. She gets naked quickly, and seeing her bum slip and slide on the seat is sexy as fuck. Poor Penny. What a mess. ItsJay, 5/9/19
"A very good swimsuit gunge tank scene, very well filmed."
This scene is superbly well done. Ivy, who has a stunning figure, clearly understands how WAM scenes work, keeping her legs slightly apart so we can see rigfht down to the crotch of her swimsuit as the beautiful purple gunge pours in. The camera work is also superb, rock steady and properly framed so Ivy's head is at the top of the frame and her knees (when sitting) at the bottom, again so we can see all the important detail without any wasted space above or below. Ivy also poses herself beautifully, initially holding the swimsuit open directly below the gunge nozzle and keeping her head to one side, so the gunge goes straight into the suit and he head stays clean so we can share her delighted expressions and exclamations as the goo pours in--she's clearly enjoying it! She also manages to avoid getting any mess on the outside of the suit during the initial filling.

The swimsuit she's wearing is also lovely, it's a black Speedo with a high back as well as high front, and though we don't get to see the back getting messy Ivy does turn round so we can see it clean. It also holds a lot of gunge, and we get a brilliant view of the black fabric turning purple, initially just the triangle between her legs but then racing upwards as gallons of purple goo flood in. Once it's completely full (the level stops at the point where it can flow out of the arm holes at the back) she stops holding it out, and also moves her head under the nozzle so her hair gets the full treatment.


Front camera:

Clean and dry: 0:00 to 1:16

Messy wearing the swimsuit: 1:16 to 4:49

Stripping out of the swimsuit: 4:49 to 5:07

Naked and messy: 5:07 to 7:25

Top camera (mounted top front of gunge tank looking down):

Clean and dry: 7:26 to 07:58

Messy wearing the swimsuit: 7:58 to 11:33

Stripping out of the swimsuit: 11:33 to 11:50

Naked and messy: 11:50 to 16:02

All in all an absolute tour-de-force in how to do a gunge tank swimsuit scene, combining a model who clearly enjoys getting messy and understands how to position herself for the camera, and a production team who really know how to film things properly. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: DungeonMasterOne, 5/9/19
"So Sexy!"
Just going to be short and sweet. This was so hot... I couldn't help but touch myself and wish I was there the entire time! LanaBea, 4/23/19
"Deep and gooey."
Louise is new to the WAM world, and she clearly loves it. When she steps into the gunge, hearing her say how nice it feels, its obvious she loves it. The way she gets naked and sinks into the gunge, seeing it get in every nook and cranny is hot as hell! ItsJay, 3/15/19
"Makes The great British bake off look shite."
Still a modern day classic. This movie reminds me so much of classic s.p.l.o.s.h. mixed with Candys magic. Maria is her happy, gooft and awesome self, when Brandy is much quieter (dare I say nervous) and Honour with her sexy accent just make this movie amazing. The batter is gooey and the cakes are big. I hope this becomes a series. ItsJay, 3/15/19
"Gorgeous models ruin nice outfits, Hot sex!"
Both models are stunning, both outfits are perfect and they have a lot of fun ruining them. The very hot sex at the end is a wonderful bonus in this video, Candy hit it out of the park on this one! sauceboss, 2/25/19
"Lots of beautiful women very messy"
On a pure boobs-per-dollar basis this one is a winner, especially since these ladies are beautifully-dressed and thrown into a deep pool of slime. sauceboss, 2/25/19
"Beautiful curves very messy"
I like big butts and I can not lie--this is a great messy video with a super curvy model getting really messy! sauceboss, 2/25/19
"Awesome muddy fun with such a sexy lady, what more can one say."
Wow she looked amassing playing in the mud. Mud was nice and thick, which was so arousing just made you want to jump in there with her. Loved it. kevin57, 12/11/18
"Great for Fans of Long Messy Hair"
If you're into long messy hair like me you'll love this. Jezzabelle's hair extends down to her bum and in this scene we first see it clean and loose before it is completely coated as she submerges in a deep slime bath. She then stands up to give us a full length frontal view. My only complaint--it ended too soon. AlanD, 12/3/18
"Molly is Breathtaking!"
What can I say, I'd always wanted to see Molly in a pool of gunge, and Candy made that happen!

Despite being a little short on running time, seeing Molly's incredible figure posing and submerging in that deep pool of pink goo makes this a must have. slipperyskin, 10/15/18
"A clip not to be missed."
This clip is not to be missed. Loved seeing all the girls cheer her on in the gunge tank. Jezebelle dress is amazing covered in blue gunge. Jay31, 9/30/18
"A Hot Louise"
Louise is a superstar. I loved how she was posing while the blue gunge was going all over her sexy body.

Great job Candy. I'll be a repeat customer. Jay31, 9/30/18
"A Welcome Return."
Who's that model? She looks familiar. Where have I seen? Oh wait, isn't that Louise from Jessie's site? It is. Comebacks are rare in WAM, given models retire all too soon, and especially so after a couple of years have passed, so this one is worth celebrating. This is the first in what will be five or six gungings, messings and pieings for Louise as she vies to become Candy's Next Top WAM Model. Louise takes her seat in a gunge tank for the first time since doing so for the Moomins on TopGunge and is duly covered in two lots of slimy blue gunk. She takes it well, with lots of good head and facial coverage. She clearly enjoys herself, although that will come as no surprise to those of us who remember her from first time round, as she always seemed to like getting messy with Jessie.

Still, one surprise is that she wriggles out of her clothes to take her second gunging nude. Or to put it another way, we see far more of Louise than we ever did before. You wonder why, given how sexy and gorgeous she is; it almost seems a waste that she's never had her naked body covered in gunge until now!

I've given this four stars. There's nothing wrong with this clip, it's just that I know there are more scenes to come and I don't want to use up a five star review just yet; I'm already going weak at the knees envisaging Louise taking her turn to (hopefully!) follow Kacie and submerge in the pool of purple gunge. Or to get covered in pies. Or

But then, when a model has made such a welcome and unexpected comeback, looking forward to their next scene is part of the fun! moreslime, 9/28/18
"Treacle and pie sitting!"
The second part of Elizabeths movie. She uses treacle, and sits in a cake. She takes the instructions easily, without hesitation. I wish this had another 2 parts at least! ItsJay, 7/12/18
"She loves the oats!"
This is the movie to get if you are unsure if Elizabeth enjoys getting messy. It wont take you long to realise she loves it. She takes a soft spot to the porridge (Oatmeal) ItsJay, 7/12/18
"Simple and fun!"
A very simple cheeky movie. Elizabeth has snook into the studio and decided to play around with the batter. She starts off in a nice dress and gets naked. She has two huge buckets of batter to play with. Lucky girl! ItsJay, 7/12/18
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