Louise Gunged! C.n.t.w.m Episode 4
Starring the following model:
"Louise gunged! Dressed and nude in the gunge tank"

Louise is gunged in tight Lycra top and swishy college girl skirt--teamed with high heels the gorgeous and busty Louise is looking amazing, but once in the gunge tank she is deluged with slime completely soaking her outfit. She is asked to give us her best pose while clothed and then she strips and reveals her amazing body before being gunged again with a long torrent of blue slime. She scores pretty well but will she win the title of Candy's next top wam model? Louise is available for sessions individually and at my studio too!

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"A Hot Louise"
Louise is a superstar. I loved how she was posing while the blue gunge was going all over her sexy body.

Great job Candy. I'll be a repeat customer. Jay31, 9/30/18
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"A Welcome Return."
Who's that model? She looks familiar. Where have I seen? Oh wait, isn't that Louise from Jessie's site? It is. Comebacks are rare in WAM, given models retire all too soon, and especially so after a couple of years have passed, so this one is worth celebrating. This is the first in what will be five or six gungings, messings and pieings for Louise as she vies to become Candy's Next Top WAM Model. Louise takes her seat in a gunge tank for the first time since doing so for the Moomins on TopGunge and is duly covered in two lots of slimy blue gunk. She takes it well, with lots of good head and facial coverage. She clearly enjoys herself, although that will come as no surprise to those of us who remember her from first time round, as she always seemed to like getting messy with Jessie.

Still, one surprise is that she wriggles out of her clothes to take her second gunging nude. Or to put it another way, we see far more of Louise than we ever did before. You wonder why, given how sexy and gorgeous she is; it almost seems a waste that she's never had her naked body covered in gunge until now!

I've given this four stars. There's nothing wrong with this clip, it's just that I know there are more scenes to come and I don't want to use up a five star review just yet; I'm already going weak at the knees envisaging Louise taking her turn to (hopefully!) follow Kacie and submerge in the pool of purple gunge. Or to get covered in pies. Or

But then, when a model has made such a welcome and unexpected comeback, looking forward to their next scene is part of the fun! moreslime, 9/28/18
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